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We prepare our students for ministry within the urban context. They're taught how to evaluate the effects of urbanism on the community and what that demands of the local church.


One Year Leadership
Certification Programs

- Christian Family Management

- Foundational Church Ministries

- Spiritual Enrichment

- Ministerial Development

Two Year Undergraduate
& Graduate Certification
Programs in Urban Ministry

- Certificate

- Urban Ministry Concepts

- Undergraduate

- Graduate Programs

Phone: 708-338-1150 ext 3
: 708-338-1514

United Faith Christian Institute and Bible College

Urban Ministry. It's What We Do!

United Faith Christian Institute and Bible College's undergraduate program in Urban Ministry equips students in urban ministry through basic seminary coursework and urban ministry concentrations. One year of verifiable church service is a requisite for candidacy.

United Faith Christian Institute and Bible College's graduate certification is designed for students who wish to pursue a higher standard of preparation in urban ministry. Emphasis is targeted to a development of through understanding of the church's role in community. Students learn a variety of strategies that positively and effectively impact community ministry service.

United Faith Christian Institute and Bible College's certificate programs are taught by degreed instructors who are active practitioners in urban ministry.

Participation of this program of study could lead to academic considerations from
participating affiliated seminaries.

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